14-15 March 2018:

Safety Case Symposium 2018

29th Nov 2017:

1st ISA Analysis Division Singapore Symposium

Best Practices for Analytical Systems

  1.  Increasing operational efficiencies and safety in sulfur plants, with UV and TDLAS analyzers by Michael Gaura
  2.  Cyclone Technology protects analyzer systems for unrivalled reliability and tops productivity by Benson Loh
  3.  Advantages of Using Raman Spectroscopy to Monitor Key Gasoline Blending Parameters by Lee M Smith
  4. Best Practices For Analyzer Systems In Motor Gasoline Blending Operation by Robert Hegger

Emission Monitoring & Reporting

  1.  How to make Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) more affordable by Thomas Weyrauch
  2.  Emission monitoring applications enabled by cascade lasers by Peter Geiser

Innovation in Analytical Techniques

  1.  Naphtha Steam Cracking (NSC) Unit Optimization: The Use of Robust On-line Optical Spectroscopy for the Real-time Optimization of Steam-cracking Furnace Operation by Jesper Yip
  2. New Physical Property Analyzer rapiDist-4 for fast online control by Stefanie Koch
  3.   A New Method for LNG Energy Determination by Tony Wimpenny
  4. Technological Advancements in Ethylene Cracking Sample Probes by Michael Jenkins
  5.  Using a Vibrating type Viscometer to Optimize Process Control and Cut Down Production Costs by Ben Chia
  6.  LPG Measurements by Suncor & GWI-Control You Can Measure by Debra Hall
  7.  Process Analytics Using Quantum Cascade Laser by Koh Yee Tiong
  8.  Innovations in Gas Sampling for Improving Accuracy and Reliability of Analytical Results by Tony Wimpenny
  9.  Coatings that improve the reliability, stability and performance of sampling systems used in analysis of ammonia and NOX compounds by Mark Lawrence


29th Nov 2017:

NEA Dialogue 2017

1. SCIC – Advocacy Efforts

2. Progress of Singapore Sustainable Blueprint-by Zhang Kang En-Assisstant Director

3. Energy Conservation Act-Improving Energy Efficiency in the industrail sector-by Shuan Yap-Engineer

4. New Licensing regime for general waste disposal facilities-by Ng Tiong Wei-Head of Waste Facilities Regulations

5. Hazardous Substances Licensing Control-Proposed Controls of Hydrofluorocarbons Under EPMA-by Lim Kai Yun-Scientific Officer

6. Hazardous Substances Licensing Control-proposed control of new Hazardous substances under EPMA-by Tracy Toh-Scientific Officer

20th Nov 2017:

SCDF Dialogue 2017

  1. Leedert Van Dijk-SCIC Advocacy Efforts
  2. Sen Wan Zhen-Brief Updates on Standards Relating to SCDF
  3. Major Rashid Mohd Noor-Fire Statistics & Case Studies on Fires involving Waste Management Facilities
  4. Major Huang Weikang-Sharing of Fire Incidents in Waste Managment Industry
  5. Captain Ong Kok Ping-Common Fire Safety Enforcement Findings
  6. Mohamed Salleh- Sharing of Good Practices from SME Perspective

8th Nov 2017:

MOM Dialogue 2017

  1. Findings from Targeted Enforcement Ops on Industrial Waste Treatment Facilities (by Ms. Jolyn Ho)
  2. Workplace Safety and Health Act Amendments(by Ms. Jaime Lim)
  3. Safety Case Regime Update (by Ms. Sherry Tan)

7th Nov 2017:

Chemical Standards Exchange 2017 – “Energy and Chemicals-The Role of Standards in Transforming Industry”

  1. New Standard on Handling & Storage of Combustible Dust (by Dr. Shaik Salim,Convenor, Working Group on Combustible Dust)
  2. New Standard on Fire Safety for Open Plant Processing Facilities in Oil, Chemical and Process Industries (by Mr. Vincent Goh Chuan Seng,Co-Convenor, Working Group on Open Plant Structure)
  3. New Standard on Fire Safety for Laboratories (by Mr. Yen Chee Choy, Convenor, Working Group on Fire Safety for Labs)
  4. Revised Standard on Design, Construction and Operation of Pipeline Service Corridors(by Mr. Nai Boon Leng,Working Group on Pipeline Service Corridors)
  5. Energy & Chemicals Industry Transformation Map (by Ms. Cheryl Hoy, Senior Lead for Energy and Chemicals,EDB)

28th Jul 2017:

Major Hazard Symposium

  1. Major Hazards Symposium 2017 Presentation Slides

14th Feb 2017: 

bizSAFE Convention 2017 – A Healthy Workforce in a Safe Workplace

28th Nov 2016:

PEB Briefing on Registration as Professional Engineer in Chemical Engineering

  1. Safety Case and Roles of PE (Chemical) (by Mr. Oh Hong Jia)
  2. Requirements for Registration as PE (Chemical) (by Er. Chin Jen Chyi)

20th Oct 2016:

MHI Symposium

  1.  Opening Speech at MHI Symposium (by Mr Sam Tan, MOS for manpower)
  2. Safety Case Regime for MHIs(by Mr Go Heng Huat)
  3. The Science of Safety Case (by Dr Shaik Salim)
  4. Guide to WSH(MHI) Regulations(by Mr Lim Eng Wee)
  5.  An Introduction to the Safety Case Joint Work Group(SCJWG)(by Mr Amit Bhatnagar)
  6.  Safety Case Assessment Guide – Predictive Aspects (by Mr Chen Fu Yi)
  7.  Safety Case Assessment Guide – Process Safety(by Mr Randy Cha)
  8.  Safety Case Assessment Guide- Mechanical Aspects(by Mr Soh Zi Quan)
  9.  Safety Case Assessment Guide- Emergency Response Planning(ERP)(by Cpt Teo Soon Chye)
  10.  ALARP Demonstration & Closing Remarks(by Ms Jaime Lim)

27th  Nov 2015:

WSH Institute Visiting Expert Series:Safety Case – The Way Forward

  1.  How the UK Safety Case is implemented from a regulator’s perspective (by Dr. Laurence Cusco)
  2. The Safety Case Journey for Singapore (by Jaime Lim)
  3. Process Understanding-The Basis for Safety Case (by Dr. Shaik M. Salim)