Safety Case

A case

Safety Case essentially is a case, which makes a statement based on evidence through argument.

A tool

Safety case, under Singapore’s WSH(MHI) regulations,  is also a regulatory tool. MHI is required to develop its safety case, and demonstrate it to the MHD and convince them that the strategy for managing safety is  satisfactory, through the adoption of ALARP principle.

A set of documents

It also can be viewed as a set of documents, which demonstrate that the MHI are designed, constructed, commissioned, operated and decommissioned in such a way that the risks to personnel, the public and the environment are minimized, for the use of both regulators and operators.

In Singapore, this set of documents should cover at  least:

  • Hazard identification process
  • Identification of hazards with the potential to  cause major accidents
  • Evaluation of major accident risks
  • System/procedures put in place to control them
  • Measures to limit major accident consequences
  • ALARP methodology