About Us

SafetyCase.SG is about and for  Safety Case Regime for MHIs under WSH(MHI) Regulations in Singapore, which has taken effective since 1st Sep 2017.

This site is built with the intention of helping the MHIs in Singapore cope with challenges from the new Safety Case Regime.

We’re a group of independent Safety professionals, sharing the same burden for Singapore’s Safer Environment.We are committed to organizing the regulations requirements and  providing our perspectives for MHIs’ easy reference(and reference only). We will do our best to provide the systematic, structured and timely information, however we’ll  not be liable for your decision making directly or indirectly influenced by our site.

We’re looking forwards to contribution from all the Stakeholders of Singapore Safety Case Regime, such as but not limited to:

  1. Regulators;
  2. MHIs;
  3. Safety Consultants/Professionals;
  4. Safety Technology Providers;
  5. Safety Standards organizations;
  6. Safety Training providers;
  7. Education  and Research institutes;
  8. Interest group and industrial committees.

If you want to jointly contribute to the success of Singapore’s Safety Case Regime through SafetyCase.SG, kindly contact us.