WSH (MHI) Regulation survey for one research project by SIT

A very good day to you. My name is Jasmine and I’m an undergraduate from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), pursuing a degree with honors in Pharmaceutical Engineering. Currently, I am doing a research project on the new workplace safety and health (WSH) regulations targeted for Major Hazards Installations (MHI) that was released last September – WSH (MHI) Regulation. The objective of my project is to come up with a guideline to help the process industry in Singapore understand the regulatory requirements better so as to utilize/apply the company’s functional safety systems to meet those requirements.

Other than information on the new regulation and how to meet the requirements, the guideline will also include a study of the best relevant functional safety engineering practice from other countries as well as local functional safety practices.

In order to gauge how useful the guideline will be for the industry, this survey targets to gather opinions of professionals working in the process industry. All feedback will be greatly appreciated and thank you for taking your time to provide your valuable input.


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