Why Safety Case Symposium and why Singapore?

SafetyCase.SG is aware that the first international safety case symposium is right now calling for paper and ready for registration.

Event:  Safety Case Symposium 2018

Date:  14-15 March 2018

Venue: Singapore

Why Safety Case Symposium? 

Since the Safety Case Regime was established in the UK, the regulators of various countries (e.g. Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, Brunei, and Singapore) have adopted similar regimes for their Major Accident Hazard Facilities.  There is a great need of a unified platform for global cooperation and discussion for the international safety case stakeholders. 

What is Safety Case Symposium? 

The Safety Case Symposium is the dedicated platform where global stakeholders of safety cases come to share, learn and discuss Safety Case related topics.

Why Singapore? 

  1. Singapore is geographically  located in the center of Asia Pacific.
  2. It’s well known as the hub for international events, with easy visa access.
  3. Singapore is well known for its efficient excellent cooperation model among government, industry, education and research institute.
  4.  Singapore is among those countries who have adopted Safety Case Regime.

Why 2018? 

The best time to have this symposium may be  about 10 years ago. The second best is to have it in 2018.

What is its theme for this symposium 2018? 

Safety Case Symposium 2018, is themed Technologies, Methodologies and Regulations.

What topics will be covered in this Symposium? 

Safety Case Technologies, Methodologies and Regulations.

Who should attend? 

Safety/security regulators, process industries or other Major Accident Hazard Facilities, Safety professionals,  Safety services providers, education and research institutes, standards development bodies, engineering communities and other relevant stakeholders of safety case regime.

What is its logo about? 

  1. Blue, as its general impression, is a color of safety and reliability.
  2. Circle, as its shape, symbolizes the infinity and openess.
  3. The different component and colors inside the circles, indicates risk factors and safety measures.
  4. S, inside the circle, stands for Safety.
  5. Taiji structure, indicates the balancing between Action and Risk.
  6. Overall, Safety is an art of balancing risks and actions.

Who are the technical partners? 

TUV Rheinland and Singapore Institute of Technology(SIT).

Where to register for a seat? 

Please Register at its website.

Or use Safety Case Symposium 2018 flyer Verion 1

Is there any discount price for SafetyCase.SG readers? 

Yes, please use the referral code of “”, and you’ll enjoy 15% off to its prevailing price.

How to submit a paper for presentation?

Please refer to attached file: (SafetyCaseSymposium 2018 – Call for Papers )

Alternatively, go for the event’s web page of Call for Papers.

Please take note of some its key timeline:

  • Receipt of abstracts: by January 12, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: by January 22, 2018
  • Receipt of final papers and presentations: by February 22, 2018

Any requirement  on the papers? 

The presented topics will cover developments and trends of state-of-the-art technology, best engineering practices, in-depth methodology argument, latest regulations/standards update, or other relevant topics in Safety Case in the context of Singapore and/or global market.

How can i be a partner of this event? 

Please contact the event organizer. 



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